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In The Surrender, author Heyma Santiago takes the reader on a mystical journey that quickly unravels as she describes how she learns to develop and trust her internal guidance. In her personal quest for inner peace, Heyma shares an enticing tale of self-discovery that leads her to follow the messages in her dreams, and later in visions, that lead her to experience the mysterious medicine plant, Ayahuasca.

In the quest to understand herself and women’s role in 21st Century America, Heyma discloses her extraordinary true story that portrays the reality which brings us to the experience of the hidden things revealed to us within the questions asked from the soul. Her journey combines enticing and deeply felt experiences that are an eternal testament of the transformational power our dreams can have on our lives and what can happen when one has the desire to listen and follow the heart.

What Heyma discovers will astound you. What you will gain is the confidence to ask, much like her, to receive your own experience of the Divine and manifest conscious change in your life in order to live a plentiful and peaceful life.
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